Abandoned Call Recovery

Customers abandon their calls for various reasons, main reasons for abandonment are:

  • Staying on hold for too long
  • No answer or no queue placement
  • Change of mind while waiting
  • Availability of other choices, competition

Abandoned call occasions are a result of improper or lack of phone agent / CSR staffing, therefore, simply increase agent staffing right? Not necessarily. Unfortunately the solution to avoid abandoned calls is not that simple. Increased agent count comes at the cost of increased labor, and there is a fine balance between scheduling additional phone agents and staying within financial budget. For most operations, the goal for call abandonment is between 3%-5%, and from what we gathered, for some this goal may be up to 8%. Obviously the actual abandonment rates differ widely... For a multi unit operation having a call center in the mix is great, but again, it is not a guarantee - "overflow" or "dedicated" set ups may offer help, but not necessarily reduce or eliminate abandoned calls.

This is where Ops Explorer shines; Today Abandoned Call Recovery "ACR" is a reality. Opportunity to collect on abandoned calls is an industry first. While many top operators are still struggling to keep abandoned call occasions down and are missing out on additional sales, Ops Explorer clients are enjoying the Abandoned Call Recovery service with success.

Sales revenue from this service has surpassed half a million dollars for our clients within several months of its introduction. As of 2020, total sales recovery for 30+ clients is over five million dollars. Having access to Abandoned Call Recovery service is simply priceless, not just because it capitalizes on incremental revenue, but it also stops customers from potentially making the switch to the competitor, and by the way, the customer service aspect of this service is just an added benefit.