Carl VanNostrand, Chief Operating Officer, Celebration Restaurant Group
"Ops Explorer is an integral part of our audit process, and gives us the ability to coach service levels more effectively than ever before."

Matt Hester, Area Coach, Celebration Restaurant Group
"Ops Explorer gives you the ability to drive service and profit in an entirely new way."

Jamie Nelson, Sr Director of Operations, Southern California Pizza
"ACR program ensures you are capturing every call!"

Damian Goonetilleke, Finance Manager, Southern California Pizza
"I love the detail in the reports. Gets me to issues quicker!"

Will Gutierrez, Area Coach, Southern California Pizza
"It’s nice knowing all of this info is one click away!"

Elsie Davila, Director of Operations, Koning
"Abandon Call Recovery not only captures sales that would have been lost, but also prevents our customers to go to the competition. Thru the Restaurant Visits module, I can determine the opportunities from anywhere. It is certainly an operator's game changer."

Pedro Valls, Auditor, Koning
"Orders by Topping Count is the ultimate tool to stop inventory manipulation."

Ben Rivasplata, Area Coach, Koning
"Time Management is so much easier, I've become more efficient as an operator. Having total control and awareness at your fingertips is priceless."

Jessica Florez, Area Coach, Koning
"The Call Center Activity Report helps me pinpoint my weakest hour, this is a big help. Identifying what area we are not servicing with the Trade Area Analysis Report is a huge plus for potential growth. The variety of reports help find my root cause in many occasions."