Call Center

In today’s competitive market, call centers are essential for successful operations. If you are operating without a call center, you are clearly sacrificing revenue.

Today, call centers are commonly in use as an overflow or as a dedicated (full on) answering service. Both of these setups have their pros and cons. Ops Explorer takes a hybrid approach - it unifies these within the dial plan through its advanced queue management, and by bringing efficiencies to phone agents both in the field and at the call centers, it provides the benefits of both to its clients. Please contact us for information on advanced features such as call flow control per store, call center "full on" start/stop scheduling, and overflow/failover options.

In addition to taking orders, call centers provide above restaurant management critical operational information as needed on a daily basis. All call center agents are trained by using Pizza Hut Learning Zone, and are bilingual.

Ops Explorer doesn't charge per call - call center services are billed on a per ticket (order) basis. Call centers are PCI compliant.